May 16, 2016

Our Members

 Newark Sports Association is registered with Companies House as an Industrial and Provident Society; this means that it is controlled by its Members, each of whom has one vote at a General Meeting.  Between the periodic General Meetings of the Association, the organisation is managed and run by the Directors, who appointed by the Members.

The aim of this structure is give the local community, and particularly individuals with an interest in sports, a voice in how the Association is run and how it will develop in line with the vision of the London 2012 legacy.

We are looking to grow the membership over the coming months, at a time when the Association is moving from the planning stage, to the project delivery stage; your voice can be influential in this process, with membership costing just £10 a year.  Subject to a minimum age threshold of 16-years, membership is open to:

  • Individual members of local sports clubs
  • Authorised representatives of local sports clubs
  • Authorised representatives of organisations such as local authorities, schools and businesses
  • Local citizens

Membership involves a commitment to the Rules of the Association, a full copy of which can be downloaded here; in line with the constitution, membership is also subject to the approval of the Directors.  Make your application for membership here.