May 16, 2016


The Newark Sports Association provides a free service to sports clubs and associations, schools, parish councils and local businesses to promote and support the development of sports facilities for the benefit of the local community. Development is guided by the NSA Sports Formula.

NSA Sports Formula
Sporting activity bringing a sense of belonging through participation,
Participation and activity can be developed to make a place where people want to live,
Original and excellent design and planning lead to greater public usage,
Research, involvement and consultation with the community at all stages,
Tailor the development – everywhere is unique, so success must grow from within,
Shared multi-use developments for a vibrant community with the widest appeal

A new website is currently under development.

The new website will put in one place independent guidance and support to help sports clubs and associations, schools, parish councils and local businesses develop sports facilities for the benefit of the local community. The new website will provide:

  • Access to information about local, regional and national funds such as the Power to Change Booster Community Shares Booster Programme and Lottery Good Causes.
  • Organisations will be able to access independent advice and support to develop sports funding proposals.
  • Based on Sport England Guidance the NSA will utilise the website to promote the community right to buy and greater ownership and control of local sporting assets in line with Government policy set out in the Localism Act 2011.
  • The website will promote a new sports specific crowdfunding platform to support the development of Community Share Offers. The Build a Winning Club platform has already been used to promote several successful sporting share offers.
  • There will be a free advice service for sports clubs and organisations providing access to specialist advice on issues such as the development and maintenance of natural and synthetic sports surfaces, building design and fit out and project management.
  • There will be a free advice service to help sports clubs and organisations develop their governance structure to make sure that they are investment ready.
  • The NSA will utilise the website to communicate with its membership and the local community and to disseminate examples of good practice building on the skills and knowledge that already exists within the local community.