May 16, 2016


Olympic Legacy

Inspired and enthused by the London 2012 Olympics, the Newark Sports Association is founded on the five principles of the Olympic Legacy; these principles are:

  • Participation – Increase participation and achievement in all sports by supporting the development of and access to sports facilities in Newark.
  • Regenerate – The legacy should regenerate, revitalise and rebuild infrastructure. Working with partners and stakeholders sports facilities should be a catalyst for regeneration.
  • Economic Growth – Minimize environmental impact, make best use of local produce and labour, support and maximise local employment and training initiatives, and encourage economic growth.
  • Disability sports – A sporting legacy should embrace all. Focus on disability sports and educating people about disability and the Paralympics.
  • Volunteering and the Community – Fulfil the legacy challenge by encouraging local people to be involved with the creation and management of their own facilities through volunteering and by engaging with the local community